Hydromassage membrane unit Aquai

Advantages of the treatment: improvement in blood circulation and metabolism increase in oxygen transport in muscle enhancement of the production of endorphins responsible for the pain tolerance improvement in movement range of extremities tension relief stress reduction and relaxation well-being

Treatment possibilities:

A patient in a rehabilitation center as well as a guest in a SPA center can experience beneficial power of hydrojet massage without getting wet. This effect is possible thanks to the layer of plastic coat through which the massage is done. The user is placed on the elastic membrane which bottom side is hit by the water running from the nozzles. Regardless of the number of treatments, the Aquai is able to maintain constant water temperature. For the additional comfort, the Aquai can memorize a specific massage program the user wishes to use more frequently.


Advantages of the treatment:

  • improvement in blood circulation and metabolism
  • increase in oxygen transport in muscle
  • enhancement of the production of endorphins responsible for the pain tolerance
  • improvement in movement range of extremities
  • tension relief
  • stress reduction and relaxation
  • well-being

Product features:

  • 6 programmable and independent zones
  • all jets are able to work simultaneously
  • 6 standard massage programs
  • 1 user program
  • membrane surface temperature setting: temperature (adjustable from 30 to 40°C )
  • can be programmed for determined time
  • adjustable treatment time (1 – 30 min)
  • delayed start at programmed number or hours
  • adjustable frequency and sequence of zones
  • adjustable water temperature
  • integrated heating system
  • no need to connect to a water tap
  • easily accessible touch panel
  • LED lighting at the base
  • Air vent located on the diaphragm as part of deaeration system (NOVELTY)

Technical data:

220 l
Power consumption:
~3,5 kW
Supply voltage:
230 V / 50 Hz or 400V / 50-60 Hz
240 cm x 115 cm x 65 cm
190 kg empty/410 kg filled with water