PicoStar-A new Star is born.

The PicoStar® has a state-of-the-art design and uses the latest PICO laser technology. With Asclepion’s high-tech system, it is now possible to produce laser beams with a pulse duration of less than 300 picoseconds. Thanks to the ultra-short pulses, the tattoo can be fragmented into much smaller particles than with a nano laser, ensuring a gentler treatment and faster removal of pigments through the lymphatic system.



Modern & practical design

The contemporary design has been developed based on daily needs of the modern medical practice, the system is easy to transport thanks to large wheels and the shelf offers space for all accessories.

Highest energy and shortest pulses

The PicoStar® uses the latest technology with the highest power to generate pulses of 300 ps. The system can operate continuously at a high speed without interruption and without the need for pre-pulsing for the user.

Ultra-sharp 10.1” LCD touchscreen

An ultra-sharp and responsive 10.1” touchscreen LCD with a completely updated user interface allows intuitive and user-friendly operation.

PICOSTAR Produkt alpha https://asclepion.com/en/picostar_en/
Automatic spot size detection

The zoom handpiece with automatic spot detection allows flexible and easy adjustment for all applications and body regions. This ensures fast, safe and efficient treatment with a convincing result.

Uniform beam profile

A special lens system creates a uniform spot. This results in less pain and lower bleeding levels. The shape of the spot is designed to guarantee the optimum coverage of the treatment area with greater efficiency.

360° Articulated mirror arm

The long articulated mirror arm with counterweight offers maximum flexibility and optimum balancing of the handpieces.