spa dream Massage tables
Spa Dream
  • 2 electric motors for height adjustment and tilting movement
  • Chromotherapy with 7 alternating colors
  • Available in 2 versions: The WATER PACK version with water cushions combined with the option to offer the “Ocean Dream” signature massage.
  • The QUARTZ PACK version with spherical quartz sand combined with the option to offer the “Sand Tide” signature massage.
  • Table warming/heating
  • Pillow with face hole
  • Weight: 140 kg | Dimensions: 210 × 88 × 65/91 cm




This unique specialty table takes your treatment offerings to a new level! Spa Dream revolutionises the idea of wellness and successfully merges emotions and style within a treatment table. The table features chromotherapy with 7 alternating colors, heat and the ability to offer not one, but two unique massages in addition to a multitude of other services elevating guest experience. QUARTZ: The sand is made of spherical quartz and when heated it envelops the body, promoting complete inner relaxation. It offers a dry heat, like that of a marine beach and the grain size of the sand is comfortable and supportive when carrying out a massage. Alternativelythe WATER option: this offers a heated water mattress made up of 4 separate cushions to ensure optimal water distribution. It gives the feeling of floating on water and is extremely comfortable for the guest and stable for the operator, who can perform all types of massages, including the most vigorous ones. This table also promotes operator creativity allowing them the freedom to express themselves by creating custom treatment experience utilising the table.

Ideal for: massages, relaxation treatments.


Spa Dream is equipped with a totally electric height and inclination adjustment system, with the possibility of inclination up to a maximum of 7 °. The inclination has been carefully studied to ensure a position of perfect comfort for the customer. The tilting movement allows complete relaxation and lengthening of the vertebral area, reducing muscle pressure and increasing the lengthening of the vertebral column.


Spa Dream comes in 2 variantsWATER PACK or QUARTZ PACK. The water has 4 water cushions, while the quartz is equipped with natural spherical quartz sand. Each version gives access to a signature massage protocol created specifically for the Spa Dream by LEMI in collaboration with Jean-Guy De Gabriac: OCEAN DREAM MASSAGE for the water version and SAND TIDE MASSAGE for the quartz version. These unique massages highlight the features of the table while offering a unique Wellness massage experience. They have also had exclusive music composed to go alongside them creating something truly unique.


The Spa Dream is equipped with a comfortable headrest with face hole. The foam in the padding has been specially designed to guarantee total comfort and maximum relaxation for the guest while in the prone position, even during long-term treatments.

The first wave of energy we encounter is the beating of our heart.

The water element flows through our body like a river. Taking care of our body is an act of love towards ourselves: a journey to recover our balance and enjoy our full potential.

During the massage, we rely on the expert hands of someone who can navigate the troubled waters of busy life, to take us to a safe emotional haven.

The heated water cushions bring the body into a state of total lightness, as if it were floating. They also offer a double massage sensation: the skillful hands on the top and the slight undulations on the bottom.

While the heat feeds the muscles by relieving tension, endless ripples gently cradle the body and calm the mind. The positive and negative inclinations gently position the head up or down 7 °, playing with gravity and intensifying the perception of total immersion.

The expert hands of the therapist are like a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, they leave us revitalized at the end of this sensory experience, giving us a feeling of peace.

The earth is the element that welcomes us.

Where do we feel safe? In an embrace, where we feel warmth and we know that someone is taking care of us.

The first sensation we experience is of a place that surrounds us: the quartz looks like an expanse of heat, a sea that welcomes the body with its texture that adapts to the shapes, while the cloth delicately covers the body.

This warm embrace creates a space where the guest feels safe. The energy that the earth element transmits to us is one of belonging, of security.

Recreating this feeling through the ancient tradition of massage means restoring security when we seem to no longer feel the earth under our feet.

The quartz does not absorb the massage but helps to let the energy of the therapist’s movements, who pushes the quartz towards the body like a wave that meets the silhouette: the heat of the quartz induces a vaso-dilation of the blood vessels and the lymphatic system to excrete toxins, while the muscles relax and the mind drifts on a distant shore.