Tangentor AQUA OPTIMUM is designed for the procedure of manual underwater shower-massage in swimming pools or baths large enough for the procedure. The volume of such a bath, or pool, must be at least 400 liters. The configuration of the bath should allow not only to accommodate the patient, but also to provide the masseur with access to all areas of the body that are treated during the underwater shower-massage procedure.

Tangentor AQUA OPTIMUM is an autonomous mobile device. The device is not anchored to the floor. In the lower part of the tangentor, self-rotating wheels with brakes are installed to move the device.

Handles are fixed on the sides of the AQUA OPTIMUM tangentor. There are two hoses on the body of the device. One of them serves to draw water from the pool / bath. The second is a massage hose for an underwater massage shower. The pressure of the whirlpool jet can be adjusted by monitoring the pressure gauge on the body of the tangent.

The front panel of the device can be easily removed. This ensures the simplicity of those. maintenance of the tangentor.
The main body of the device is a robust welded anti-corrosion frame. The material of the tangentor body is fiberglass. Such material serves for many years and does not undergo significant wear and tear. Working pressure in the tangentor massage hose is up to 4 atmospheres. The pressure can be adjusted depending on the condition and sensitivity of the patient’s skin.

The body of the tangentor is quite compact, it does not take up much space in the room. The overall dimensions of the device are 0.55×0.75 m.
If a sanatorium or clinic already has a room for hydrotherapy with a bathtub or a swimming pool, purchasing a tangentor will be able to expand the range of services offered with an underwater hand shower massage. This procedure is in stable demand, so the purchase of a tangentor will soon pay off.

Operating pressure 0-4 Bar
Flow rate 20-70 l / min
Permissible water temperature Up to 40 ° С
Rated voltage and frequency 220 V, 50 Hz
Rated power consumption 1400 Wt
Electric shock protection class Class 1
Control valves 3/4 
Replaceable nozzles 2 pcs.
Intake hose length 2 m
High pressure hose length 2.5 m
Overall dimensions (length, width, height) 550 х750х 910 mm
Weight, no more 42 kg
Bath body material fiberglass