Chirospace – 6-section rehabilitation table

6-section rehabilitation table for manual therapies, like chiropractic or osteopathy, is a multifunctional equipment for every therapist. Thanks to the ergonomie construction of the table top, with the possibility of side rotation of the foot section, the physiotherapist can adjust the initial correction of the patient’s spine, work on soft tissues, and perform any manual procedures.




  • 6-section treatment table for manual therapy
  • Head section with a profiled face hole
  • 2 possibilities of head section adjustment: from -70° to 40° with a gas spring and additional adjustment from o° to 18° (in oposite direction) via second gas spring
  • Rotating slide down arm rests
  • 2 possibilities of hip/leg section adjustment: from o° to -30° and side rotation from -9° to 9°
  • Electric high/low height adjustment via foot-operated controller at two sides of the table base
  • 3-layer padding 40 mm, with non-flammable, bio-compatible and scratch proof
  • upholstery in many colours
  • Shift of shank support: O-19 cm (shank support can be tottaly removed from the table)
  • Settings lock: rotation and shift
  • DROP techniques
  • Mechanism of dynamie force compensation – to minimize the patient’s body weight resting on the hip/leg section of the table via an offload and stearing mechanism
  • 2 fixed wheels 2 castors central lifted (F2 system)

Technical data:

Dimensions (LxWxH) [cm]: 168-188 X 51 X 57-97
Weight [kg]: 135
Max. lifting capacity [kg]: 180
Shift[cm]: 0-19
Power supply [V; Hz]: 240; 50/6