Therapeutic bath tub for SPA. Aquaray has 3 standard programs: P1, P2, P3, user programs (P4-P20), 98 aeration apertures for air bubble massage (14×7 apertures) and 2 temperature sensors.


AQUARAY – is a modern therapeutic tub with sophisticated design, specially dedicated to perform hydrotherapy treatments in rehabilitation centres, Medical SPA & Wellness centres and for private sector. Even demanding clients will be satisfy with the visual effect of the tub. They also will be satisfied with the treatment possibilities of it.

Product features:

  • Basin available in two colours: white or calypso green,
  • Basin made of gelcoat (fiberglass mat reinforced),
  • Economical use of water – min. 160 l,
  • 24 nozzles for hydro massage working simultaneously,
  • Massage intensity adjustment by supplying air to the nozzles,
  • 98 aeration apertures for air bubble massage (14×7 apertures),
  • Automatic disinfection,
  • Automatic filling,
  • Automatic drainage,
  • 3 standard programs: P1, P2, P3, user programs (P4-P20),
  • Easy accessible modern colour touch panel,
  • 2 temperature sensors,
  • Water level sensor,
  • Shower,
  • Rails for palm support and specially shaped parts for arms and legs that facilitate appropriate body position during treatment sessions,
  • Support for feet.


  • 24 nozzles for hydro massage divided into 3 zones
  • 36 nozzles for hydro massage divided into 5 zones
  • Jet hose (switched independently; additional pump)*
  • Cascade nozzle (switched independently; additional pump)*
  • Ozone generator,
  • Heater

* when ordered: jet hose and cascade nozzle – only one additional pump is needed

Standard accessories:

  • Steps
  • Headrest

Additional options:

  • CHROMO 12: chromotherapy: 12 single light sources
  • CHROMO 24: chromotherapy: 24 single light sources
  • CHROMO 36: chromotherapy: 36 single light sources
  • 4 LED: additional light sources at cascade nozzle
  • AUDIO: sound input from an external device such as Hi-Fi, mp3 etc.
  • AROMA: scent container, dosage during treatment

Technical data:

Treatment capacity (minimum) [l]:
Volume up to overflow [l]:
Filling* [min]:
ca. 3
Drainage [min]:
ca. 2,5
Power consumption [kW]:
max. 5
Supply voltage [V/Hz]:
Dimensions (L x W x H) [cm]:
225 x 88 x 91
Weight [kg]:
170 (195 equipped with pump and jet hose)

* to the minimal water level – depending on the pressure in the piping(recommended flow ~ 70 l/min)