• This award-winning wet table features electric height adjustment, a vichy shower, bolero, heated water mattress, steam bath (needs Steam generator) and chromotherapy.
  • Emotional Spa Paths
  • Water mattress with heat
  • Vichy Shower heating with a “prepare” function ( hot water ready for use) and 6 other settings to personalise guest experience
  • Great flexibility of use
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Savonage on request
  • Weight: 236 kg | Dimensions: 232 × 100 × 180 cm


The most revolutionary spa equipment on the market. This award-winning speciality piece of equipment is sure to take your hydrotherapy treatments to a new level! It combines all the latest treatment technologies with a unique and modern design. Aemotio SPA features water by means of a Vichy rain bar and bolero, light and heat for countless wellness programs and exceptional aesthetic results.


Ideal for: hydrotherapy treatments, slimming, toning and all body treatments, exfoliation, mud baths, massage, facial treatments, steam bath and more.


Aemotio Spa is equipped with a Vichy rain bar that includes 6 adjustable jetsIt has the ability to create unique and specific treatments personalised for guests by adjusting the temperature, power and number of jets. It is also equipped with a PREPARE function allowing the operator to select the ideal water temperature before opening the showers, thus avoiding thermal shock to the customer.


The water mattress polyurethaneThe heating plate regulates the water temperature in the mattress, allowing to drastically reduce water consumption by optimizing the professional’s work and ensuring a comfortable temperature for the customer.


The beneficial steam bath feature is obtained by using a professional stainless steel steam generator. A practical and hygienic disposable that is easily removable, prevents the dispersion of steam, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment. Chromotherapy can be offered with its alternating 7 colors or by keeping one particular set throughout the treatment to create a magical moment of well-being.

Multi-functionality, innovation and aesthetically pleasing design are concept that have always been important to us and a focus here at LEMI. Many of our beauty line products offer a unique synthesis between the beauty of the design and the functionality of the products. We also think of both of the practicality and well-being of the operator who will carry out the treatment – thus transforming the equipment from “tool” to “ally” – at the same time, achieving a total well-being experience for the guest receiving the massage/treatment. We focus and have multi-functionality at the forefront as it allows flexibility to create and personalise treatments that translate into unique, innovative and complete wellness experiences.

LEMI wanted to enhance one of its “historical” pieces of equipment, which embodies this concept of multi-functionality and that is when Aemotio Spa was bornThis piece of equipment is one of LEMI’s most innovative, as well as being the most revolutionary on the market.

This special piece of equipment now has a NEW modular protocol which includes the massage named LEMILEMI. The large and fluid movements are inspired by the Hawaiian tradition of the LOMILOMI massage and it has been designed exclusively for use with the Aemotio Spa.

In Hawaiian, the repetition of the word “LOMI” gives it more importance, as LOMI is elevated in the spirit of ALOHA.

The circular movements, the use of scented oils, the delicate touch of the vichy shower, the warmth and gentle rocking of the water mattress create a unique multisensory experience that helps the client expand the mind, escaping to a crystal white beach, rocked by the waves of the sea. This makes the LEMILEMI massage the perfect combination of relaxation and wellness therapy.

Given the multi-functionality of Aemotio Spa, a modular protocol was created providing different, independent sections/steps of a complete body treatment that can all be followed or be pieced together by the operator according to their guests needs in order to create a personalised treatment and wellness experience. These include: exfoliation, mud packs/body masques, scalp neck and shoulder treatment during the steam bath.