The pleasant, relaxing and vitalising whole body shower treatments with the Vichy shower have a long standing tradition. They are especially well-proven in the hydro and Thalasso therapy as well as in the cosmetics, fitness and wellness areas. The regular, evenly-applied shower brings about a better blood circulation.


Vichy Rainbow shower

Type VRD, the whole body shower for people in a reclining position.

The result is an enhanced oxygen transfer, a purification and detoxication of the skin and of the internal organs. The skin is regenerating and becomes tauter. The soul can release tension.

The Vichy-Rainbow-Shower offers a brand-new, unique shower pleasure through the high-quality treatment, the sophisticated technology and the exceptional design.


  • 150-250 litres of water per treatment, which is the same as for a bath.
  • The shower head equipped with micro nozzles assembled in 2 rows; swaying back and forth is showering the body from the feet up to the neck.
  • Very fine water jets are spoiling the body in the same way as sea waves, with tender rain showers or with intensely crackling drops.
  • By admixing agents (such as dissolved salt or nurturing oils), the well-feeling can even be increased.
  • The water is flowing over sparkling Swarovsky crystals, which diffuse the flicker-free LED colour light on the body.
  • Control panel: with the control, the duration of the treatment, the admixture of additives/salts and the disinfection is regulated; a thermostatic mixer with scald protection provides more security; by means of the hand key, the guest can integrate individual short cold shower phases into the treatment – they have a stimulating effect on the circulation.
  • Dimensions (LxWx H): approx. 130 x 65 x 117 cm.
  • Electric supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 100 W.
Vichy Rainbow shower
Vichy Rainbow shower

Consisting of:

  • 1 shower arm incorporating the drive motor for permanent swivelling of the shower pipe. Colour: white.
  • 1 hose in hose construction for an even water distribution over the entire body and for the integration of the LED spots and Swarovski-Crystals.
  • 1 installation casing, in design adapted to the shower arm, to incorporate the fittings as well as the thermostatic mixer with scalding protection and valves. Colour: white.
  • 1 electronic control unit with digital display for the functional sequences.
  • 1 dosing pump system for adding cosmetic and therapeutical products, electronically controlled.
  • 1 tank for placing the products and the suction connection.
  • 2 measuring vessels for 50 ml and 200 ml.
  • 2 magnetic valves to regulate the mixed water and to control the “cold water” sequence, controlled by remote air switch.
  • 1 additional shower fittings for cleansing purposes with shut-off valve, shower head and mounting device.
  • 1 set of high pressure connection hoses.

Options for the Vichy Shower:

  • Treatment table for wet massages (AW7422), type: Affusion Shower, with height adjustable head rest with opening for the face and separate arm rests for treatments in a prone position; made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic ; can be used with sea water, thermal water and tap water. Colour: white.
    Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 209 x 80 x 80 cm.
    The table is also available for request in the following heights: 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 cm.
    1 half-round head cushion, 30 cm wide, inflatable and made of a non-porous, elastic synthetic material with ultrasonically welded seams.
  • Height-adjustable feet (ZW7422) for adjustment of the Affusion Shower; adjustable to 70 / 80 /90 cm.
  • Foam mattress (ZW7423) for wet massage table type Affusion Shower; made of cell foam, approx. 2 cm thick, easy to disinfect ; colour: silver-grey. Dimensions: approx. 160 x 49 x 2 cm.
Vichy Rainbow shower - Options for the Vichy Shower


  •  Wet massage table E R G O L I M A (AW7730) – height-adjustable table for treatments in wet areas, such as soap brush massages, Ayurvedic treatments, Hot-Stone, body masks and wraps, or affusion shower; surface made of a high-quality, easy to clean acrylic ; table equipped with an adjustable headrest and 2 drain openings (at the head end and the foot end) allowing to collect the essential oils; the heating of the surface is regulated automatically; the thermostat, the faucets and the valve for the hand shower are mounted on the rim at the foot end of the table. Colour :cladding (white or black), surface (white or black), base (white or black).
    Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 220 x 85 x 55 cm; sitting height: approx. 55 cm; max.height: approx. 84 cm.
    Water supply: cold- and warm water ½“, drain: NW70, electric supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 400 W.
    The standard equipment includes:
    1 inflatable cushion for the knees, made of a non-porous, elastic synthetic material
    1 inflatable cushion, padded, made of a non-porous, elastic synthetic material, to keep the chest/back in a comfortable position.
    1 inflatable head cushion.
    1 prepared connecting for a foam generator.
    1 glass vessel for collecting the oil with fixing bracket.
  • Padded mattress (ZW7756) for wet massage table Ergolima, waterproof, with ultrasonically welded seams, skin-friendly, easy to clean. Colour: white. Dimensions (LxWxH):approx. 185 x 70 x 2,5 cm.