Jet shower ORKAN type NBC2
Jet shower with three water jet guns and pump.



Orkan whip showers allow to use thermal and mechanical water properties during therapeutic treatment. Using stimuli provided by the stream of water and rapid water temperature changes, the therapeutic procedure can affect patient in different ways, for example: stimulate or sedate, increase or decrease the blood pressure.

Orkan type NBC2 features:
  • Free-standing console
  • Manometer, thermometer
  • 3 jets (for pouring, scattered and dense water stream)
  • Quick water temperature adjustment lever allowing for switching between hot water and cold water from the thermostates
  • 2 thermostatic taps for smooth temperature adjustment (independent for cold and warm water)
  • Compensation tank for the reduction of small water pressure luctuation in water system
  • 3 valves to regulate and cut of the pressure

Technical data:


  • Warm water pressure: 4 – 6 bar
  • Cold water pressure: 4 – 6 bar
  • Warm water temperature: max. 60° C
  • Mixed water temperature: min. 2° C lower than warm water temp.
  • Dimensions : 55 x 64 x 115 cm
  • Class of protection: I, B