BodyLab with
innovative FMS technology

The BodyLab uses FMS technology and is designed for body shaping. The muscles are stimulated with supramaximal contractions and metabolism and fat loss are activated


Modern & practical design

The contemporary design has been developed based on daily needs of the modern medical practice, the system is easy to transport thanks to large wheels and the shelf offers space for all accessories.

Innovative FMS technology

Thanks to innovative FMS (Focused Magnetic Stimulation) technology, muscles are stimulated with supramaximal contractions, greatly stimulating metabolism and fat reduction.

Preset programmes

There are 3 different protocols available, tailored to the patient’s fitness level.

BodyLab Product
Treatment without therapist

The handpiece is attached to the treatment area and the system performs the protocol independently.

Two handpieces can be used simultaneously

Two ergonomic pads with integrated water cooling are available, which can be used for the treatment of large areas simultaneously and are suitable for abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs and arms.

Ultra-sharp 10.4” LCD touchscreen

An ultra-sharp and responsive 10.4” touchscreen LCD with a completely updated user interface allows intuitive and user-friendly operation.