Focused shock waves therapy – Focus on healing
enShock from Zimmer MedizinSysteme sets new standards in therapy with extracorporeal, focused shock waves: Because enShock is the first quiet shock wave. And it runs and runs. Guaranteed maintenance-free. For many years.


Convenient operation is a priority

Thanks to the straightforward menu navigation and the clearly arranged touch display, enShock can be operated quickly and intuitively. Indicationbased therapy protocols provide extra treatment security. The enShock is also optionally available with a 3-pedal foot switch for start/stop and for adjusting frequency and energy. As a result, you are independent of the terminal during therapy, and you can turn towards your patient and have one hand free, for example, to palpate pain points.

Works deep in the tissue

The innovative therapy system is an addition to the shock wave product family of the renowned medical device manufacturer. The high-energy, focused shock
waves from enShock have a healing effect in deeper layers of tissue. Precisely where the pain is. 

Incidentally: The gentle radial shock wave enPuls from Zimmer, with its shallower depth of penetration, is very suitable for treating muscle tension. Ideal after a therapy session with focused shock waves!

The gentle way for chronic pain

As a noninvasive alternative to inpatient surgery, ESWT offers many benefits to patients with chronic pain:

  • The treatment takes place on an outpatient basis,
  • without the risks of anaesthesia, side effects, or allergies.
  • Noticeable pain relief, often after just 1 or 2 treatments, 
  • no preparation, no postoperative monitoring,
  • no limitations in ability to perform work or sports following therapy.
Proven to be highly effective

In the most common indications in orthopaedic practice, therapy with focused shock waves has quick and lasting effects. 

Studies show:

  • long-term pain relief, often even during or immediately after the treatment,
  • a noticeably positive effect on inflammatory reactions in musculoskeletal discomfort/conditions,
  • very good effects on bone healing, especially also in the treatment of nonhealing fractures and pseudoarthroses 
  • as well as in the elimination of calcification in tendons, for example, in the case of shoulder calcification.

ESWT expands blood vessels, stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, and thus promotes circulation. An important precondition for supplying the tissue with nutrients and detoxifying it and for rapid healing of diseased, injured, or inflamed tissue structures/of diseased muscle, tendon, or bone tissue.

More and more doctors are therefore expanding their therapeutic spectrum with this effective method.

enShock opens up new target groups

People with chronic pain and bone healing problems are the largest patient group in orthopaedic practice. Therapy with focused shock waves is particularly effective in these conditions. This also applies to many other indications, such as for the three most common musculoskeletal problems: heel spurs, shoulder calcification, and tennis or golfer’s elbow. In addition, in many diseases,

ESWT is the only noninvasive option and thus has no alternative for elderly or ill persons who cannot expose themselves to the risk of surgery. All in all, most of your patients benefit from enShock. And thanks to many satisfied patients, the innovative therapy system also pays for itself quickly for your practice.