EpiLab – different wavelengths optimised for professional use

The EpiLab has been optimised for fast, low-pain treatment that can be used at any time of year. The system is suitable for all body areas and skin types – even for lightly tanned skin. It works on all hair colours except grey or red hair.


Two-handpiece system

Multiply your treatment options with our new two-handpiece system and save time with multiple handpieces connected simultaneously.


The specially designed trolley permits maximum space optimisation, including a storage space for the footswitch and power cord in the back. A stylish additional feature, for those who appreciate maximum comfort.

Maximum manoeuvrability and handling

New large and economic wheels make the EpiLab easy to transport. There’s space for all your accessories on the rubberised shelf.

Epilab Product alpha2 https://asclepion.com/en/epilab_en/
Ultra-sharp 10.1” LCD touchscreen

An ultra-sharp and responsive 10.1″ touchscreen LCD with a modernised user interface enables intuitive and user-friendly operation.

Highly-efficient device cooling

The internal water cooling enables stable operation under all conditions. Peltier elements in the handpieces provide reliable skin cooling.

Revolutionised maintenance

Online remote maintenance not only provides fast system maintenance, but also shortens technical working time. This redefines the idea of service.