NanoStar® the most advanced
Q-Switch laser family on the market.


The NanoStar® product family offers a modern design and uses the well-known Q-Switched technology. The highest category, the NanoStar® C MT, is a true revolution – thanks to its three wavelengths and innovative mixed technology. The different wavelengths can be used individually, consecutively or simultaneously, ensuring a high degree of flexibility in clinical treatment. This underlines how unique the device is and enables effective treatments, not only for multicolour tattoos and pigmented lesions, but also for rejuvenation procedures.


Modern & practical design

The contemporary design has been developed based on daily needs of the modern medical practice, the system is easy to transport thanks to large wheels and the shelf offers space for all accessories.

Up to 3 wavelengths

The NanoStar® offers up to three wavelengths (694 nm, 1064 nm, 532 nm). This enables particularly efficient treatments, not only for multicolour tattoos and pigmented lesions, but also for skin rejuvenation.

Mixed technology

The NanoStar® C MT is equipped with the innovative mixed technology. The three different wavelengths can thus be delivered individually, simultaneously or sequentially, which guarantees high flexibility during treatment.

NanoStar Product alpha
OPTIBEAM II technology

Thanks to the modern OPTIBEAM II technology, the handpieces generate a perfect FLAT-TOP beam profile without hotspots, where the laser power is evenly distributed over the entire spot size. The square and homogeneous spot guarantees the best possible treatment.

OptiPulse technology

At 532 and 1064 nm, the OptiPulse allows the set fluence to be divided evenly into two 6 ns pulses. A fixed pause of 150 µs between the pulses ensures gentler treatment.

Ultra-sharp 10.4” LCD touchscreen

An ultra-sharp and responsive 10.4” touchscreen LCD with a completely updated user interface allows intuitive and user-friendly operation.